How to Clean Your Windows

Generally, You should wash your windows twice in a year. It also depends upon the atmospheric condition that mainly decides the most appropriate technique and duration after which you have to repeat the cleaning process again.

window cleaning

Homeowner prefers washing their windows employing different techniques, but according to the expert opinion, one should never go for the rubbing, where you just moving dirt one place to another. You can use a Spray cleaner, wadded up towel, newspaper and Various elbow grease for it.

The supplies you need for effective cleaning:

Here are some essential tools you need to have with you while cleaning your windows:

  • Have One sponge or brush with you.
  • An absorbent or dry squeegee
  • Solution ( soapy pan)
  • One large towel to protect the floor.

The best tip to clean window when you are in hurry:

You either can vacuum the window, and window tracks to remove the dirt and debris, or simply mix the dishwasher soap or white vinegar to the 2, 3 gallons of water. You can use paper towel or sponge to apply the solution and use an absorbent to dry it out. it is the quickest remedy one can follow in great haste.

How to remove the stubby strain:

The outside portion of your window, that always have to expose to the rain, birds dropping, and minerals seem difficult to clean with the regular cleaning method

Here are some few methods you opt to clean such strains:

  • The annoying and stubborn can be removed by using a razor that straps it off.
  • Oxalic acid will give you a more satisfying result, you can mix water with oxalic acid, and apply it to the affected or strain window with clean clothes, and rub it properly to have the best result.
  • Pure vinegar can also remove that strains leaving your window like new again. But once you apply the vinegar leave it to 5-10 minutes and pursue the regular cleaning process.
  • You can also soak up your sponge with CLR or mineral deposit cleaner to remove the stubborn stains from your window, and do repeat a regular cleaning.

Cleaning the picture window:

Picture window can be effectively cleaned by having a long cloth with the strip applicator, that will soak up the maximum soapy water and loosen up the dirt, or you can have a squeegee that you will reverse in S pattern after soaking it up to the soapy pane. Clean its blade at the end of every stroke. You can use the absorbent material to get the best result once you are done with the process.

Cleaning window screen:

Window screen can be effectively cleaned once you squirt it properly with the stream of water. But never use the hard technique or strong flow of water, that can be the cause of breaking it. Whisk boom can be utilized if there are cobwebs or bugs.


If you want to let your windows shine then must clean them twice in a year, with the most suitable technique according to the type of window and atmospheric condition.