Wood vs Vinyl Windows: Why You Should Go for Vinyl Windows

Are you confused about trying to select between wood and vinyl windows but not sure of which would be the best for your home? When thinking of replacing your home’s old windows, you need to be conscious of the fact that there are factors to be considered such as adding value to the appearance of your home or improving on the home’s efficiency. It can be tough picking a window type that would suit your home and meet your personal needs.

wood vs vinyl windows

This brings us to the 2 most commonly used materials – wood and vinyl. Although wooden windows have their own merits, we will see why vinyl windows are a better option.


People who are looking for a lower-cost alternative to more expensive wood materials such as solid wood without having any effect on the quality usually go for vinyl windows. The amount saved when using new vinyl windows to replace old windows is very considerable making them worth the money. Alder and mahogany are woods with very high quality but are too expensive compared to vinyl. Another problem is that wood windows need regular maintenance like refurbishing, painting, and staining which is also costly.


Once vinyl windows are installed, they really require no maintenance which makes it a better option over wood. The frames come in the color you want and therefore needs not to be painted after purchase.

Another advantage is that they are less porous which makes it hard for dirt and grime to get inside them. You can easily clean the frame with soap and water which makes it less stressful. On the other hand, wood windows need so much maintenance over time. You’ll have to stain and finish wood windows after few years to maintain that bright appearance or else it will begin to look dull.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic which has a high R-value, a numerical value representing the amount of insulation possessed by the material. Unlike aluminum, vinyl retains heat in your home during the winter season and protects it from absorbing heat during summer. For more insulation, vinyl windows are combined with a double pane glass glazed with Low-E that has been filled with Argon gas. This is to protect your home from absorbing toxic UV rays with the argon gas acting as another form of insulation.

The best of it all is that this helps lower energy costs because this helps reduce the energy bills that would have been paid to either cool or heat up the house.


Vinyl windows can last for several years without spending much on maintenance. They resist dents, molds, scratches, and dirt. The exterior frame will not warp or rot over time even if it gets exposed to UV rays from sunlight. All these and more make vinyl windows last much longer than other materials like wood. Of course, we know that if wood isn’t properly taken care of, it will begin to rot and swell because of the moisture present in the air. Another problem which is one of the most troubling is the issue of termites; these creatures are known destructive agents that will destroy the wood in windows.

Hopefully, this information is more than enough to help anyone who is still deciding which material to go for between wood and vinyl windows. Most people are going for vinyl windows today, you shouldn’t be left out!